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Boosts, a New Feature of the Arc Browser

(This is English translation of my previous article written in Japanese.)

From GENKI-san's toot (in Japanese), I learned about Boosts, a new feature of the Arc browser and am very interested in it. In a nutshell, it is a feature to customize the appearance of the web page you are browsing, more specifically, you can change colors, fonts, and hide (“Zap”) certain parts. Furthermore, you can share your customized settings with others. The media also picked up on this:

The reason why I feel the feature is interesting is that emerging browsers such as Arc seem to implement my idea that the direction in which web browsers should evolve is the ease of customizing/personalizing web content (in Japanese). Perhaps the internal mechanism is simple, but the feature provides a GUI that allows users to create and share user style sheets without any knowledge of CSS is excellent. I look forward to the future evolution of the feature.

That said, I am of course a Vivaldi ambassador, and since Vivaldi has a background that makes it easy to customize the display of web content (in Japanese), I would like to see Vivaldi improve its customizability and personalization of web pages as much as any other browser. Well, I've included that topics in my conversation with Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Vivaldi (in Japanese), so please look forward to it.

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