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Diigo Bookmarks 02/17/2019

  • How to style different sites with one CSS collection

    "what if progressing through those problems with a goal of building a sustainable, efficient, and scalable CSS collection would help us become better engineers? What if we become awesome as we face these problems head on? What if these obstacles help us write incredibly well designed CSS?"

  • See the best pictures from Bill Ingalls, NASA's official photographer

    "Now in his 30th year on the job, Bill Ingalls has covered some of space exploration's biggest moments thanks to a college internship."

  • Uncanny A11y | Adrian Roselli

    "some people pronounce the a11y numeronym as "alley". That makes the full title sound like uncanny valley, the concept of human-looking things seeming almost, but not quite, human and therefore creepy."

  • Save the date: World Wide Web turns 30 on March 12 - World Wide Web Foundation

    "When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, he changed the world forever. To mark this milestone, Sir Tim will embark on a 30-hour journey, starting at CERN in Switzerland where he worked when he invented the web and ending in Lagos, Nigeria."

  • CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild

    "In February 2019, in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the development of WorldWideWeb, a group of developers and designers convened at CERN to rebuild the original browser within a contemporary browser, allowing users around the world to experience the origins of this transformative technology."

  • Intro to Font Metrics

    "Writing code becomes easier too--no more align-self: flex-start; margin-top: 13px; to perfectly center the text. If CSS exposed font metrics via a property, like leading-trim, flexbox could take care of everything for you."


WORLD ORDERの新曲、『BIG BROTHER』のMVを見ました。新宿とか銀座らへんの、割と見慣れた景色が多く登場するMVであり、歌詞は英語ですが有志による?日本語字幕もあります。

んで、2+2っていくつか知ってる?だの、2+2=4だった頃にっていう歌詞の意味が全然わからなかったんですが、曲のタイトルの通り小説の『1984年』をまんまモチーフにしてたのね。Wikipediaには2 + 2 = 5はこの小説を象徴するフレーズの一つとあって、なるほどなと。

WORLD ORDERの新曲『BIG BROTHER』は監視社会がテーマ 2+2は4って言える社会が当たり前だと思ってないかい? | ガジェット通信 GetNewsで少し詳しい解説が読めます。すべて筆者の個人的解釈とあるけど、まぁ曲を理解する参考にはなります。


Diigo Bookmarks 02/16/2019

  • Creating Accessible Text - Mandy Michael - Medium

    "It's not enough that you get a green "Pass" -- the size and weight of the text plays an important part and this can vary greatly between different fonts."

  • The "Backendification" of Frontend Development - Hacker Noon

    "Unfortunately, SPA and CSS frameworks tend to result in relatively complex solutions where traditionally separated concerns - HTML-structure, CSS-style, and JS-behaviour - are blended together as a matter of course -- Counter to the lessons learned by previous generations."

  • The only reason your CSS fails - LogRocket

    "For starters, we humans are not that good at memorizing a ginormous (and ever-growing) set of rules, but also, this leads into skipping through CSS theory concepts, which comes back to bite us every time."

  • instant.page

    "instant.page uses just-in-time preloading -- it preloads a page right before a user clicks on it."

  • Designing for Dark Mode | KIRUPA

    "It exists as part of the Web Inspector, more generally known as the Safari developer tools. When you bring up Web Inspector, make sure the Elements tab is active and look to the right of the panel. You will see a series of icons. The second icon from the left represents a toggle for jumping between light and dark modes"

  • CSS { In Real Life } | To Grid or to Flex?

    "What surprised me about reading the responses in the thread was the number of people stating that they would only use Grid for page-level layout, and flexbox for everything else. If you take this as a rule, then you're severely limiting yourself when it comes to Grid's power."

小谷美紗子 弾き語りツアー2019「PARADIGM SHIFT」

2月15日の覚え書き。小谷美紗子さんの実に2年ぶりとなる弾き語りツアー、「PARADIGM SHIFT」の東京公演に行ってきました。会場はキリスト品川教会のグローリア・チャペル、座席は6列15番。昼飯を食べれないまま定時ダッシュして向かったところ、てっきり19時開演とばかり思っていたら、どうも開場が19時だったらしく......おかげで近くのコンビニでレッドブルを飲む余裕ができて良かったです。



最後に、デビュー以来の「コアな」ファン......であるにも関わらず、詩集「PARADIGM SHIFT」を買わずに参加してしまって本当に申し訳ないw ライブ終了後も買おうかなと一瞬思ったけど、いやほら物販に行列できちゃってて、またの機会に買えるかなって。むしろこれは、いつまで経っても『忘れ日和』がライブでしか聴けない=新しいシングルもアルバムも長らく発売されていないことへの個人的フラストレーション、ささやかな怒りに基づく不買行動であり云々。1日も早い発売を心待ちにしてます。

ピアノ@グローリアチャペル キリスト品川教会


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