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Diigo Bookmarks 07/15/2019

  • Homerun's guide to Diversity & Inclusion

    "Just one more thing -- remember that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts when it comes to real change. Becoming diverse and inclusive will cost you some time, but it'll be worth every minute."

  • BBC case study: proving Return on Investment (ROI) from accessibility - Hassell Inclusion

    "Jonathan's team believed that by improving the accessibility of BBC websites this would maximise the sites' audience and so improve their cost per user reached."

  • IndieWeb and Webmentions | CSS-Tricks

    "Don't tweet, but instead write a short blog post and auto-post it to Twitter. Don't blog on Medium, but instead write on your own blog and plop it over to Medium. Like that. In that way, you're getting the value of those services without giving anything up."

  • Animating with Clip-Path | CSS-Tricks

    "We're going to dive right into clip-path in this article, specifically looking at how we can use it to create pretty complex animations. I hope you'll see just how awesome the property and it's shape-shifting powers can be."

  • How to improve your mobile UIs by learning from personal touch patterns

    "Example of deriving GUI guidelines from offset patterns: The plots show the recommended minimum diameter of circular buttons, based on predicting expected touch locations with offset models. Models are trained on data from our study with 28 people using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone."

  • Usablenet - 3 Key Ways Accessibility Overlays Fall Short

    "Overlay vendors fix only the easy stuff leaving big accessibility gaps. / Overlays override users existing assistive technology such as a screen reader. / Overlays lack WCAG conformance certainty."

RG 1/144 MS-06F 量産型ザク

RG 1/144 MS-06F 量産型ザク バストアップ

3連休の中日、7月14日の覚え書き。下半身だけ作ってそのまま何年か放置していた、RG 1/144 MS-06F 量産型ザクをようやく完成させました。なんとなくRGってだけで既に作るの面倒(部品が小さい&多い、シールも多い)ってイメージが付いちゃってたんですが、まとまった時間を確保し手を動かし始めさえすれば、なんとかなるものですね。


やっぱり最後のシール貼りは鬼門でしたけど、今回、昨年末に購入していたTumaoのヘッドルーペを初めて使ってみました。レンズは1.5倍のを使ってたんですけど、まぁまぁ効率は上がったように思います。安物だし、いつぶっ壊れても諦めがつくというつもりで買っていたんですが(発端は模型がうまくなるチートツールはヘッドルーペだぞ、という話 : 超音速備忘録)、実は良い買い物だったのかも。

処分した本 [2019-07-15]

Diigo Bookmarks 07/14/2019

  • Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-today | Rob Ford, FWA Founder | LinkedIn

    "This comprehensive visual history gathers 21 chapters that detail, for every year since 1998, the best websites and examples of hardware used at the time, and explore how user experience, usability, and technological milestones have influenced the development of the internet we use today."

  • Screenreader-aware Design Tools

    "Operating systems and browsers have (mostly) well-defined rules for how a screenreader will interpret an interface - an engineer building an app must work within these constraints. If a design tool allows these rules to be broken, any design created within it may be impossible to implement."

  • Position Sticky and Table Headers | CSS-Tricks

    "The issue boils down to the fact that stickiness requires position: relative to work and that doesn't apply to <thead> and <tr> in the CSS 2.1 spec."

  • Color Inputs: A Deep Dive into Cross-Browser Differences | CSS-Tricks

    "We've got a huge problem here: for those who completely rely on a keyboard, this input doesn't work as it should in Safari and in Firefox on Windows, but it does work in Firefox on Mac and Linux"

  • How we built a component library that people actually enjoy using

    "We learned over time that when the experience of building a component is intertwined with the experience of documenting it, the latter tends to suffer. We had many developers who would build and ship new components in our library for themselves without documenting them for others."

  • Popups: 10 Problematic Trends and Alternatives

    "In terms of popup anatomy, modal overlays disable all background content, nonmodal overlays preserve users' ability to interact with background content, and lightboxes dim the background content."


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