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Raindrop.io Bookmarks 01/16/2022

  • What happened when we turned off AMP

    "Users were undoubtedly being double-counted as unique in both the AMP and our native website dashboards. The clearest indicator that this was true is in the change we've seen in return visitors since we turned off AMP."

  • Achieving continuous accessibility with ARC and Zapier - TPGi

    "When ARC is combined with Zapier you can use your ARC data to share accessibility issues and information across your organization, set notifications when issues arise and raise bugs in your issue tracking systems."

  • Your CSS reset needs text-size-adjust (probably) | Kilian Valkhof

    "Mobile Safari increases the default font-size when you switch a website from portrait to landscape. On phones that is, it doesn't do it on iPad. Safari has been doing this for a long time, as a way to improve readability on non-mobile optimized websites. While undoubtedly useful in a time when literally no website was optimized for mobile, it's significantly less helpful nowadays."

  • Customize the Password Hide/Reveal Button in Microsoft Edge - Bram.us

    "As an author, you can use the non-standardized ::-ms-reveal pseudo class to style the reveal password control"

  • Why Are Hyperlinks Blue

    "Shneiderman informed me that Lee had cited his work from the ACM for the Macintosh or PC, and that Lee had used the idea of light blue links from Shneiderman's work. From this we can infer that the blue hyperlink was indeed inspired by the research done at the University of Maryland."

  • This is WCAG

    "Build and test against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) consistently by understanding what is a failure against the success criteria. These tests help you focus on the relevant criteria you need to apply and test against."











Raindrop.io Bookmarks 01/15/2022

  • How To Hire For Digital Accessibility Roles -- Smashing Magazine

    "There are many ways to increase your team's capacity for accessibility and it's less important where you start than it is that you do start. Accessibility must be a permanent program within organizations, much like security. You wouldn't just do one round of security testing and consider it taken care of."

  • Adactio: Journal--Media queries with display-mode

    "Previously I made the mistake of inferring whether or not to show the back button based on screen size. But the display-mode media feature allowed me to test the actual condition I cared about: is this user navigating in standalone mode?"

  • Parcel

    "Parcel combines a great out-of-the-box development experience with a scalable architecture that can take your project from just getting started to massive production application."

  • HTML focusgroup attribute

    "We propose an attribute 'focusgroup' that will facilitate focus navigation (not selection) using arrow keys among a set of focusable elements. The attribute can then be used (without any JavaScript) to easily supply platform-provided focus group navigation into custom-authored controls in a standardized and predictable way for users"

  • The 2021 Design Systems Survey by Sparkbox

    "53% of in-house respondents reported that their design system creates debt. And, separately, agency respondents agreed, with 47% saying that they believe their clients' design systems create debt."

  • Revisiting the anatomy of a design system | by Nate Baldwin | Dec, 2021 | UX Collective

    "Seeing as though an interface design system is a system comprised of other systems, I've decided to view a few of those systems separately. Some of these systems can exist independently from one another, but others are required aspects of another system."

  • COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts in Chrome 98 - Chrome Developers

    "In Chrome 98, the Chrome and Fonts teams have added support for COLRv1, an evolution of the COLRv0 font format intended to make color fonts widespread by adding gradients, compositing and blending, and improved internal shape reuse for crisp and compact font files that compress well."






機嫌の大切さは数年前から認識しているし、機嫌を良くするように努力しているつもりではいるけれど、年々そのハードルの高さを痛感します。会社でも、家の中でもって取り組んでいると、一体どこでどう帳尻を合わせるというかバランスを取ればいいのか、わからなくなる時があって。しかし意味もなく上機嫌 てのは素敵なフレーズ。








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