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Diigo Bookmarks 11/18/2017

  • Understanding Axe and Attest Extension compatibility with Firefox

    "If you're using aXe extension version 3.2.1, please use Firefox 54+. Unfortunately, the store and extension will not prevent you from installing the latest extension on a previous version of Firefox."

  • Stylable

    "Stylable is a preprocessor that allows you to write style rules in CSS syntax, with some extensions that we believe adhere to the spirit of CSS."

  • Publishing Working Group TPAC 2017 Summary | W3C Blog

    "The joint session of PWG Accessibility Task Force, Accessible Guidelines (Silver) Task Force and APA was addressed the incorporation of accessibility requirements specific to publishing to WCAG 3.0 (Silver) and way forward for Media Overlays specifications."

  • CSS: The Reason Why Selectors Should Be Ordered, Too · Jens Oliver Meiert

    "When it comes to maintenance, for example, a defined and followed selector order is key to successfully DRYing up (from "Don't Repeat Yourself," for keeping the cost of maintenance low) our style sheet declarations, because it's what ever helps us to avoid an extra round of DRYing selector groups and spares us from great additional testing complexity."

  • How to Disable Links | CSS-Tricks

    "If you have decided that you are going to ignore my warning and proceed with disabling a link, then removing the href attribute is the best way I know how."

  • W3C Publishing Summit 2017: An Ebook Dev's View - EPUBSecrets

    "In order for the web to be open, it has to be accessible to everyone. Both the W3C and the IDPF have always been strongly committed to accessibility, and that work will continue as they develop/maintain EPUB."

  • iPhone X - Welcome Screen Inaccessible to Blind Users - Axess Lab

    "I just got the new iPhone X. To my surprise, the first impression was not good at all for me as a user with a visual impairment. Apple usually don't let me down, but now they seem to have made blunder."

Diigo Bookmarks 11/16/2017

  • When Slower is Better for UX

    "The fear is that slow loading might make users think a brand is untrustworthy or outdated. It seems like if every interaction isn't designed to be blazing fast, it might as well not be designed at all. However, that isn't always true. Learn the situations in which slower UX actually improves user engagement and builds trust."

  • The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks

    "The more chunks of information you add to an 'interface', the more difficult it becomes to 'work', using the information at hand. This is especially critical for first time users, because they haven't had the 'practice' needed to encode the interface into long term memory, or, for the behaviour to become habitual."

  • Adactio: Journal--What is a Progressive Web App?

    "Regardless of the specifics of the name, what I like about Progressive Web Apps is that they have a clear definition. It reminds me of Responsive Web Design."

  • Thoughts on accessibility

    "As a person who mainly works on small teams, I always felt guilty of making accessibility a lower priority. The reasons were multiple and it's hard to blame someone else other than me."

  • Eric's Archived Thoughts: Declining Complexity in CSS

    "CSS has a great deal more capabilities than ever before, it's true. In the sense of "how much there potentially is to know", yes, CSS is more of a challenge. But the core principles and mechanisms are no more complicated than they were a decade or even two decades ago."

  • AgileBits Blog | 1Password X: A look at the future of 1Password in the browser

    "Now 1Password can do all these and more. We call it 1Password X, and it's our brand new, full-featured experience that runs entirely in your browser. It's super easy to set up, deploy, and use. It works everywhere Chrome works, including Linux and Chrome OS. And it's a re-imagination of how 1Password works on the web."

Firefox 57のリリースを機に


なーんて格好つけるつもりはなく、単に捻くれ者で天邪鬼の僕としては、さようならFirefox57、おすすめの代替ブラウザはESR版ではなくPale Moon、PMをOpera12風にするアドオン達 | シンスプリンター - うつ病、シンスプリントと闘う私の日常とかFirefox Quantum(バージョン57)公開 | スラド ITなんか読んでるうちに、なぜかFirefoxの肩を持ちたくなったんです。それに、吉野さんの訳された生まれ変わった Firefox、登場。その名も Firefox Quantum - mozilla-japan - Mediumを読んでたらちょっとこう、熱くなるところがあったんですね。

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Diigo Bookmarks 11/13/2017


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