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Raindrop.io Bookmarks 03/30/2023

  • Peerless Whisper - Eric's Archived Thoughts

    "What happened was, I was hanging out in an online chatter channel when a little birdy named Bruce chirped about OpenAI's Whisper and how he was using it to transcribe audio.  And I thought, Hey, I have audio that needs to be transcribed.  Brucie Bird also mentioned it would output text, SRT, and WebVTT formats, and I thought, Hey, I have videos I'll need to upload with transcription to YouTube!"

  • 5 Best Status Page Tools (Free, Open-Source & Paid) | Stack Diary

    "A status page tool helps you share important updates about your service with your customers and finding the right one can make all the difference."

  • Deep dive into How Web Browsers work (with illustrations) - DEV Community

    "Assuming you are familiar with the concept of interpreters & compilers, the JavaScript engine uses a hybrid approach called JIT (Just in Time) compilation."

  • The Best Handoff Is No Handoff -- Smashing Magazine

    "Ultimately, the success depends on one simple thing: just how well the teams work together. And if they can't collaborate particularly well, chances are high that a design hand-off won't make it any better, and a major change in the team culture will need to happen first."

  • Push notifications are now supported cross-browser

    "Safari for iOS and iPadOS supports push notifications as of version 16.4, but only for apps that were added to the Home Screen. Apple calls these Home Screen web apps."

  • A simple custom - HTML Accessibility

    "There are some good efforts out there to win over developers/designers to using native controls, or minimally customized controls."

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