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Diigo Bookmarks 01/14/2019

  • When And How To Use CSS Multi-Column Layout -- Smashing Magazine

    "Multicol can be useful in any place where you have a small list of items that you want to take up less space. For example a simple listing of checkboxes, or a list of names."

  • Will Adobe XD kill Sketch and InVision? - UX Collective

    "InVision's new product, DSM (Design Systems Manager) may be how InVision stays relevant going forward. InVision shows no signs of an Adobe XD integration, and still seems glued on Sketch. If this platforms opens up to Adobe XD, they could secure a much more sustainable future."

  • Why we need CSS subgrid - DEV Community

    "The simplest sort of relationship is to lock the grid tracks of the subgrid along a single axis onto the tracks of the parent grid, while keeping the tracks along the other axis separate. It's also possible to go 2D and lock both axes of the subgrid onto the parent for total integration."

  • Stepping away from Sass

    "the more I looked at my old Sass files the more I questioned whether it was adding value to my site, or just an extra level of complexity and dependency. CSS has evolved over recent years and the problems that lead me to Sass in the first place seem to be less of an issue today."

  • Inspect - Web Development Tools for iOS

    "Inspect is a web browser for iPhone and iPad that provides desktop-class web development tools and features."

  • Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word] -- Smashing Magazine

    "According to psychological research, if you want users to feel that your website is faster than your competitor's website, you need to be at least 20% faster."

  • Baseline Rules for Scrollbar Usability | Adrian Roselli

    "If you follow all the suggestions here you might end up with a big, ugly block on the side of your page or overflowing content area. Consider it your starting point that supports the broadest range of users."

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