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Diigo Bookmarks 01/03/2019

  • Thunderbird in 2019 | The Mozilla Thunderbird Blog

    "We have received considerable feedback asking for UX/UI improvements and, as teased above, we will work on this in 2019. With the addition of new developers we will see some focus on improving the experience for our users across the board in Thunderbird."

  • Fast Autocomplete Search for Your Website ◆ 24 ways

    "I'm going to build a search engine for 24 ways that's fast enough to support autocomplete (a.k.a. typeahead) search queries and can be hosted for free. I'll be using wget, Python, SQLite, Jupyter, sqlite-utils and my open source Datasette tool to build the API backend, and a few dozen lines of modern vanilla JavaScript to build the interface."

  • iOS Accessibility Properties: How They Relate to WCAG, and How to Correctly Use Them - 24 Accessibility

    "You can use WCAG 4.1.2 guidelines to help create a fully accessible app. This article intends to explain the connection between iOS accessibility properties and WCAG 4.1.2"

  • Japanese Doctor Develops New Technology for the Blind - COOL BLIND TECH

    "Today, Dr. Asakawa and other leading companies and technologists are creating tools and devices with artificial intelligence. Her visual impairment makes it more likely to have the best equipment and innovative technology for people affected from the loss of their eyesight."

  • Preventing Content Reflow From Lazy-Loaded Images | CSS-Tricks

    "We've explored several techniques to prevent content reflow by preserving the aspect ratio of a lazy-loaded image before the swap happens. The best technique I was able to find is inlined and optimized URL-encoded SVG with image dimensions defined in the viewBox attribute."

  • The "D" in the DOM - 24 Accessibility

    "It should be noted that using visually hidden headings should be considered a hack to make inaccessible design practices more accessible. If headings are useful to someone using a screen reader, they are probably useful to everyone and should be made available to everyone."

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