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Implementing Responsive Design

Tim Kadlec氏著『Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web』を読み終えての覚え書き。

Allsop recognized that flexibility and unpredictability weren't things we should be struggling against. They are features, not bugs. They make the Web unique, and a much more powerful medium print has ever been.
12年前に書かれたJohnの名コラム『A Dao of Web Design』についての言及。しかし今なお同じことは繰り返し言い続ける必要性を感じるときがあります。Webは紙じゃない(謎
For example, when I tested this on a BlackBerry running the Blackberry 6.0 operating system, the default font-size was 22px. The Kindle Touch is even more dramatic in its variance: it starts with a default size of 26px.
どのデバイス上のブラウザでもデフォルトの文字サイズといえば16pxだろう、と思い込むことの危うさについて。なるほどなぁ。BlackBerryもKindle Touchも持っていないので知らなかったです。
For example, the iPhone has a layout viewport width 980px, Opera Mobile returns 850px, and Android WebKit returns 800px.
Fortunately for us, the issue has finally been resolved in iOS6.
例のiOSデバイスを回転したときの拡大/縮小表示について。ただ、個人的にはviewpoet metaにinitial-scale=1を書き足すことに抵抗はあったのだけれど、勤務先のサイトでは結局書き足しました。
it is reasonable to expect that at some point support for the meta viewport element will be removed from browsers as they migrate to supporting the @viewport rule instead
Our tools, techniques, and deliverables should better reflect the Web's dynamic nature.
Africa is another very interesting example. There, more people will soon have access to a mobile device than to electricity.
What features and functionality are vital to your site? Which are simply nice to have? Better yet, which don't belong on your page at all?
優先順位付けの話。nice to haveって表現はウマいなーと思いつつ、自分がよく使うフレーズとしては、無くても困らないけれど、あればあったで機能的価値、情緒的価値の向上に役立つ......みたいな言葉。
Remember, without an understanding of the purpose of your content, you can't possibly determine how to structure it to ensure reusability and adaptability.
The inability to negotiate content order is currently one of the biggest limitations in a purely front-end driven responsive approach.
そこでFlexible Box Layout Moduleですよ、という時代が早く来て欲しい。
James Pearce created modernizr-server, a library that lets you bring Modernizr results to your server-side code so you can make structural changes and stop unnecessary resources from being downloaded.
The Web is an incredibly powerful medium, one that can respond to any number of sensors and go beyond the physical walls of a device. Let's challenge ourselves not to settle for merely responding to layout.
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