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I don't like the idea of .mobi

Today, I read an arcticle about new top level domain of .mobi. The article titled ".mobi approved - a step closer to a broken web?" on Web-Graphics was posted by one of my friends, Andreas, and it says that ICANN permitted finally its use. I don't like the idea of .mobi anyway, so I agree with him completely - I would like WaSP to do something against ICANN and mTLD.
The new TLD was originally proposed with another domain of .xxx last year. At that time, Sir Tim Berners-Lee posted his comment in W3C's design issue of "New Top Level Domains Considered Harmful". Oh, though inventor of the world wide web and the director of W3C made a complaint, nothing happened! I was strongly disappointed by the fact. Furthermore, mTLD is a joint venture, and some W3C members are paying money for the company. Don't they understand universality of the web? If not, why are they joining W3C? I can't make sense at all. As we all know, web contents which is compliant to standards are all device independence by nature. We don't need any TLD only for mobile devices/softwares - that's totally nonsense. .mobi may block understanding, spreading and educating how web standards are good for mobile world.
So, from my personal view point, WaSP can (or, should) prevent the spread of .mobi, letting many people know how the domain is bad idea, etc. This is the story I talked to Molly.

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