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Diigo Bookmarks 12/02/2017

  • EPUB Accessibility Frequently Asked Questions

    "This document provides answers to commonly asked questions about the EPUB Accessibility specification and its associated techniques. It provides guidance and insight into how the document was created and the reasons for various choices in implementation."

  • Accessibility First: Rethinking the Way We Approach Website Design and Development - 24 Accessibility

    "Now in 2017, the Accessibility First concept may seem just as daunting and impossible as Mobile First was years ago--there is so much to know, so many different ideas of what accessibility means, new rules, new tools--but if you have the right tools and attitude, there is hope."

  • Lint the Web Forward With Sonarwhal ◆ 24 ways

    "Currently sonarwhal checks for best practices in five categories: Accessibility, Interoperability, Performance, PWAs, and Security. Each check is called a "rule". You can configure them and even create your own rules if you need to follow some specific guidelines for your project"

  • News | Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

    "If you tried to start a car that's been sitting in a garage for decades, you might not expect the engine to respond. But a set of thrusters aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft successfully fired up Wednesday after 37 years without use."

  • CSS Environment variables; how to deal with the software bezel of iPhone X - Ben Frain

    "To actually set these values in live code you need to know that there was a change of name for env that occurred before iOS 11.2. It used to be known as constant so if I want to ensure iOS 11.X prior to 11.2 is also covered, an extra line of code is necessary"

  • Happier HTML5 Form Validation - daverupert.com

    "The best part is we're leveraging the browser's focus management and accessibility behaviors. When a form submission is prevented, the first :invalid input gets focused and screen readers read out the error message for that input. This is great. Focus management isn't fun to code."

  • Adactio: Journal--Hooked and booked

    "The problem is that, in a data-driven environment, decisions ultimately come down to whether something works or not. But just because something works, doesn't mean it's a good thing."

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