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Re: Web Accessibility: Why it's great for your bottom line.

On my web accessibility radar, I caught an article written by Ms. Carrie Dils, titled "Web Accessibility: Why it's great for your bottom line". In the article, she mentions five points which are good for business by improving web accessibility. The fifth point of them starts with heading of (Bonus!) You're Ready for the Future, and she describes how accessibility can be the same with furutre-friendliness:

This may sound a bit cheesy, but when you push the web accessibility initiative forward with your site, you're putting yourself at the front of the line for future technologies.

No, I never feel the words are cheesy. Rather, I can agree with the point 100%, and I don't say it's bonus — I say, it's the true reason why "we" web designers / developers should keep on making the web accessible.

I can't predict the future, but if we look at the past (and apply Moore's law to the future), there's a time coming where you and I will think our cell phones are terribly passé.

Yep, I can't predict the future neither ... but one thing I believe is, accessible content is (and will be) available on the widest variery of devices, no matter how big screen they have, no matter they have screen or not. Of course screens will survive (at least for years), thus visual design will have some importance at some level, but the more web devices get small, the more we rely on various senses to use the web, not only on sight. You know, even today, we can use VoiceOver, Google search and Cortana to access web content via voice. You can use such voice controls very usefully, even if you don't have any disabilities with sight. Well, time will tell, but as far as we create accessible web content, we won't be confused by the progress of devices — that's part of Jeffrey, John, Molly and other web standards gurus have taught us, I mean "what web designing is".

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