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links for 2008-02-19

  • "彼等プログラマ諸氏サイト制作者諸氏が、「何かする」のは面白い事であり、面白い事は良い事だし、自分が面白がつてゐる事は全てのユーザ・全ての閲覽者が面白がる筈の事だし面白がるべき事だと心から信じてゐるからだ。"
    (tags: webdesign)
  • ""Thermo" is an upcoming Adobe product that makes it easy for designers to create rich Internet application UIs. Thermo allows designers to build on familiar workflows to visually create working applications that easily flow into production and development."
    (tags: webdev)
  • "The January 2007, issue 88 of Linux Format contained my article entitled What on Earth are Microformats. It is a Question and Answer session describing microformats."
    (tags: microformats)
  • "With Changes' folder synchronization support, keeping up-to-date is a trivial exercise. Changes also features easy-to-use filtering, so your view isn't cluttered up by those pesky .DS_Store files, .svn directories, or other stuff that builds up over the course of a project."
    (tags: mac tools)
  • "「新つなぎ放題」は、月額3,880円の完全定額料金でAIR-EDGEによるデータ通信が利用可能な料金プランです。 最大800kbpsのモバイルインターネットを、全国99.3%をカバーする広いサービスエリアで、快適なモバイルインターネットをご利用いただけます。"
    (tags: mobile)
  • "A objective-c/cocoa bulk file-renamer for Mac osx."
    (tags: mac tools)
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