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links for 2008-02-11

  • "the additional rendering mode of IE8 and mode switching mechanics will keep developers in a “think like its IE7” mindset and not take real advantage of IE8 because of the difficulty of mixing the IE8 benefits with something that would work reasonably well in IE7."
  • "Yet we receive a surprisingly large number of requests for such resources: up to 130 million requests per day, with periods of sustained bandwidth usage of 350Mbps, for resources that haven't changed in years."
    (tags: html w3c)
  • "No matter what application you're in, no matter what document you're working with, just hit DTerm's hotkey and it'll be there for you, already set to the working directory of your current document."
    (tags: mac tools)
  • "From an average user's perspective, Opera and Firefox are NOT zooming since the article area's width in zoomed view is not only not equal to the normal content area's width multiplied by the zoom factor, but it's even smaller than the original one !"
    (tags: browser)
  • "As of last week Webkit passes the CSS Selector Test joining Konqueror and Opera as the third browser to provide a stable and complete CSS selector implementation."
    (tags: css browser)
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