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Remote Synthesis | Is Jamstack Officially Finished?を読みました。

More importantly, Netlify, the creator and stewards of the term Jamstack including it's canonical site, has largely abandoned the term as well, in favor of a "composable web" term that better aligns with their ambitions around becoming a broader enterprise platform including content (with tools like Netlify Connect).

うーん、よくわからないけど......Netlifyのサイトに行ってもJamstackという言葉が消えてなくなってるわけではなさそうだし。しかし今度はJamstack改めcomposable web?辞書的には「堆肥を作るのに適した」みたいな意味がありますけど、日本語にはどう訳せというの笑。構成可能なWeb?いまいちニュアンスが伝わらなさそう。

The point is, the term seems to be dead but the tools and technologies it encompassed are still very much alive.


さらに、My Journey Away from the JAMstack | The Spicy Webを読みました。こちらはなんか攻撃的っていうか、怒ってますかね?笑。JAMstackと、Jだけが大文字のJamstackをきっちり使い分けているあたりは好印象。

Ultimately the failure of Jamstack to live up to the promise of its original JAMstack incarnation, and the industry's manic pendulum swing into unmaintainable architectures and vendor lock-in, led me to abandon Netlify as a hosting platform of choice and look instead to more reasonable options.

プログレッシブエンハンスメントの言い換えではなくなったJamstackという言葉を、かつてのJAMstackブランドに乗っかってマーケティング目的に使い続けたかどで、Netlifyは非難されているのだろうか。ちょっとよくわからない。ともあれ、Jamstackが当初の期待に応えることができなかった、という意見にどれだけの人々が賛同するかに個人的な興味はあるかな。そして同じ方が別の記事、Is That Lights Out for the Jamstack? | That HTML Blogを書いてました:

while it's a huge bummer we won't have a single term like "JAMstack/Jamstack" to point to to describe a website architecture built up around "progressive generation" (aka static HTML-first, server later if ever, content editing decoupled from website deployment, etc.), perhaps that was always more of a "philosophy" of how to build websites than a meaningful description of whatever results you might end up with in the final reckoning.


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