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Re: Industry wake up call: the future of web accessibility

I recognize that @accessibe account is actively spreading accessiBe's marketing message to web accessibility community on Twitter recently. They sent their blog post titled "Industry wake up call: the future of web accessibility" even to me ... I've just shared very nice article "Free Feedback for #accessiBe" by @aardrian, though.

Let me be clear about my position: I think no one should use an accessibility overlay. Please don't get me wrong, I think AI technologies are useful. If such technologies are usable for improving accessibility, that's simply great. But ... every information is inseparable from its context, and the technologies are not great enough yet to provide proper acceesibility based on the context (in my observation, at least).

Anyhow, I would like to comment on accessiBe's blog post for the record, briefly.

Yes, in an ideal world every business could and should prioritize accessibility, afford accessibility, think about accessibility, and have the privilege to care about accessibility as much as they do about sales and marketing. This is a beautiful idea, and we hope someday to get there, but in practice, it just doesn't happen.

Even if accessiBe thinks so, I never agree and would like to keep on working hard to make it happen, since I love the beautiful idea. I believe there are many accessibility specialists like me in the world, and I would like to work with them to change the web, to change the world, till the day comes.

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