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Re: Responsive Web Considered Harmful

ネタにマジレスしておこう(書いた本人がコメント欄でthis was satireって書いてるからネタには違いないw)。

Believe it or not, there was a time when all computer screens were the same size and building interfaces for all devices was an efficient task -- typically needing one design and one implementation.


It is said that it was not until 2001 when the first website to adapt to the size of the browser, Audi.com, launched. It was called "responsive web design" because it was designed to respond to the changing screen sizes being introduced to the Web at that time.


This was the same year the first smartphone, the Apple iPhone, was introduced.

初代iPhoneが紹介されたのはMacworld Expo 2007でのことだから明らかに以下略。

In order to provide an earned work-life balance to web developers, as well as a safe space for people out and about, we need to stop building responsive web pages ASAP as possible.

ASAP as possibleて表現も笑いどころの一つなんでしょうけどね。全体最適のためのバランスの取り方が、スクリーンサイズの多様化を踏まえて変化してきたことを頑なに受け入れないとすれば、まぁ、そういう考え方にもなるでしょうな。

What many people do not realize, though, is that the inventor of JavaScript, Brandan Eich, silently invented responsive web YEARS before Audi did. And it was SAFE.

これを褒め称えるなら、先述の世界初のWebページを持ち上げればいいのにっていう。要するにメディアクエリーを使う手間を惜しみつつあらゆるスクリーンサイズをサポートするなら、リキッドデザイン万歳!!!ってことでひとつ。あ、でも img{max-width:100%;} ぐらいは書いておこう(謎

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