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Re: De-lurk and Be Heard!

Eric, I read your post about 5 things of yourself, so I think it's my turn and I need to answer for your questions:

1. Who are you (name and occupation)? Who who, who who?
My name is Kazuhito Kidachi. Shortly and Easily, you can call me Kaz.
2. Where are you from? (Feel free to add yourself to the Frappr map!)
I live in Tokyo, Japan.
3. How long have you been visiting this site, either directly or via RSS?
For about 3 years, I guess.
4. What was it that first brought you to meyerweb?
Firstly, I got to know a great book titled "Eric Meyer on CSS" , and then I knew the author's personal web site (the book's support contents as well).
5. What would you like to read more (or less) about here on meyerweb, or read/hear from me in general? Be as general or specific as you like.
Well, I would like to hear more and more about topics related to web design, especially about CSS, workflow, your choice of tools - what else! Otherwise, I would like to learn about your Macintosh environment, like favorite applications or lovely way to use, hacks etc.
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