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Raindrop.io Bookmarks 10/27/2021

  • This Is The Way: A Phased Approach to Accessibility in the Development Lifecycle | Deque

    "By phasing in accessibility, you will slowly but surely be able to efficiently and effectively add the proper automation, training, and accessible coding standards needed to ensure your content is accessible when it is released to a test environment or production."

  • tabvengers/spicy-sections

    "Spicy Sections is an experiment in which "good ol' well supported HTML" is conditionally presented with different affordances; either as a tab set, or with independent collapses ("disclosure widgets") or exclusive collapses ("accordions")."

  • Respecting Users' Motion Preferences -- Smashing Magazine

    "Reduced motion doesn't necessarily mean removing all transforms from our webpage either. For instance, a button that has a small arrow icon that moves a few pixels on hover is unlikely to cause problems for someone who prefers a reduced-motion experience, and provides a more useful indicator of a change of state than color alone."

  • An Interview With Elad Shechter on "The New CSS Reset" | CSS-Tricks

    "Now, to understand what the unique revert keyword value is doing for the display property, let's talk about the two types of styles that we are getting from our browsers. The styles we are getting from our browsers are built from two layers"

  • vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web

    "With the availability of vscode.dev, we begin to finally realize our original vision of building a development tool that can run fully serverless in the browser."

  • We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons • iconmap.io

    "Eventually we decided to fetch the Tranco top 100,000 websites and analyze their favicons. We checked each home page for favicons, Apple touch icons, and manifest icons. We also examined fallback locations like /favicon.ico."

  • Prevent Scroll Chaining With Overscroll Behavior - Ahmad Shadeed

    "When we reach the end of the modal content, the browser will continue scrolling on the main page's content instead. That is called scroll chaining. It's a default behavior that can be overridden now with a new CSS property called overscroll-behavior."

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途中、休憩させていただいた阿曽原温泉小屋で泉さんにご挨拶できたのですが、別の小屋の方から「あなたがガンダムさん!?」て大声で連呼されたのは流石にちょっと恥ずかしかったです笑。ガンダムのあだ名で小屋の皆様に認知していただいてるのは嫌ではないですし、むしろ有り難く光栄なのですけど......今回の写真は人生9度目の下ノ廊下 | Flickrにまとめました。


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