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Diigo Bookmarks 06/26/2019

  • The Anatomy of Accessible Forms: Error Messages | Deque

    "Now that we understand a bit about placeholders, required fields, and creating accessible forms using native HTML, let's look at form validation and error identification."

  • Usablenet - Midyear ADA Web & App Accessibility Lawsuit Report [BLOG]

    "The rate of lawsuits filed in federal courts related to website and app accessibility has now hit a rate of one-an-hour, that's 8 a day, 40 per week and set to be on pace for over 2,000 lawsuits again this year."

  • Why I don't use web components - DEV Community

    "The biggest frustration of all is that we already have really good component models. We're still learning, but the basic problem -- keep the view in sync with some state by manipulating the DOM in a component-oriented fashion -- has been solved for years."

  • Converting divs into accessible pseudo-buttons - Ben Frain

    "This post attempts to take you through the steps of how to, in some ways, convert an unopionated HTML element into a accessible 'pseudo-button', and hopefully convinces you to just use a button."

  • Beginner's Guide to Variable Fonts: Part 1 | Viget

    "Variable fonts allow us as designers and front-end developers to create highly responsive and engaging interfaces that also cut down on load time. The best part? They're super easy to use. Essentially, variable fonts are one font file that behaves like multiple font files."

  • The Simplest Ways to Handle HTML Includes | CSS-Tricks

    "It's extremely surprising to me that HTML has never had any way to include other HTML files within it. Nor does there seem to be anything on the horizon that addresses it. I'm talking about straight up includes, like taking a chunk of HTML and plopping it right into another."

ドキュメント 滑落遭難

Kindle版のヤマケイ文庫が値下がりしていたのを機に、『空飛ぶ山岳救助隊 ヘリ・レスキューに命を懸けた男、篠原秋彦』と同時に購入して読んだのが『ドキュメント 滑落遭難』。著者は、いずれも同じ羽根田 治 氏。ゆっくりとしかし確実に、今年も北アルプスにお出かけする時期が近づきそわそわしてきたので、遭難しないためのイメージトレーニングにと思って読みました。









Diigo Bookmarks 06/23/2019

  • Darkmode.js

    "This library uses the css mix-blend-mode in order to bring Dark-mode to any of your websites. Just copy paste the snippet and you will get a widget to turn on and off the dark-mode. You can also use it without the widget programmatically. The plugin is lightweight, built in VanillaJS. It also uses localstorage by default so your last setting will be remembered !"

  • Group Labels Do Not Guarantee... Uniquity? | Adrian Roselli

    "Do not rely on a group label to provide a unique accessible name for text fields that otherwise have the same accessible name. Even the heuristics built into screen readers to get around terrible developer habits will not save all your users."

  • Writing HTML in HTML

    "HTML is a pain to write! But the solution, I argue, isn't to use other languages that are then trans­lated to HTML (we've seen above how many problems that causes); the solution is to use better editors."

  • User Experience vs. Customer Experience: What's the difference?

    "Customer experience (CX) is a term commonly used to define UX over long periods of time."

  • An Introduction to ARIA States | a11y with Lindsey

    "aria-hidden only hides elements from screen readers, while hidden hides from everyone."

  • Automation for Designers: An Introduction - UXcellence

    "The tools to automate our workflow can range from apps to built-in OS features to web services. Below are a few of the most common tools, but as we flex our automation muscles, we can uncover a lot more."

  • Designing For The Future With Voice Prototypes -- Smashing Magazine

    "Human-computer interaction has never been about graphical user interfaces. First and foremost, it has always been about communication. It's evident that voice will be a natural way for the new generation of users to interact with technology, and as a designer, you should be ready for these new challenges and the opportunities they unlock for new ways of looking at interaction design."

空飛ぶ山岳救助隊 ヘリ・レスキューに命を懸けた男、篠原秋彦

穂高小屋番レスキュー日記』で言及されていた、日本におけるヘリコプターレスキューの第一人者、故・篠原秋彦氏の伝記のような書籍『空飛ぶ山岳救助隊 ヘリ・レスキューに命を懸けた男、篠原秋彦』を読みました。




そういえば前穂〜奥穂〜北穂 縦走 2017秋で岳沢小屋にいたとき比較的間近に目にした救助活動(このとき収容された方がお亡くなりになったことは後になって知りました)は、長野県警のヘリでした。篠原氏の遺志は、姿形を変えながらも山岳救助の現場には根付いていると、信じたいものです。本書では、さまざまなエピソードを通じて氏の人となり、山小屋への荷揚げ業務やヘリコプターレスキューの実際が詳細に綴られているのですけど、中でも興味深かったのが




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